Left Breast Appears to Have Bottomed out but Wanting to Start a Family? (photo)

Hi I had breast aug in nov 2005 I'm 27 years old and approx 2 stone heavier since my BA! I have recently noticed a change in my left breast this year I have been to see a surgeon and have had an ultrasound scan which showed no sign of any leaks. Looking at other cases I'm starting to think my left breast may be bottoming out, from my picture does this look right? I'm getting married in April next year and hoping to start a family within the same year, should I wait to get corrective surgery?

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Left Breast Appears to Have Bottomed out but Wanting to Start a Family?

From my perspective I wonder if you were asymmetric before the surgery. To me this is a very minor asymmetry or you have a slightly fuller inferior pole of your left breast. Have a family first than consider revisional surgery. 

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Breast implants and childbirth

You should probably wait until after you're done having kids as your breasts will go though significant changes after breastfeeding.

Breast augmentation revision

Your posted photo shows significant breast asymmetry and diverging nipples. The right nipple and breast crease are higher than those on the left. I suspect you had significant breast asymmetry that was not addressed at the time of your last surgery, the implants were just inserted without any adjunctive procedures. If you want this corrected you will need revision surgery. The timing of that surgery is of course up to you. If you plan on having children and breast feeding in the near term it is best to wait for a year or more after you stop producing milk to undergo the revision.

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Timing of revision breast surgery

It is hard to say for sure if there your left implant is "bottoming out". If there has been a notable change in symmetry, it is certainly a possibility. A physical exam would be needed to know for sure. Since you have some family plans in the near future, I would also suggest that you wait until after your pregnancies to consider any revision surgeries. 

Wm. Todd Stoeckel, MD
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Breast asymmetry

Your left breast does not appear to have truly bottomed out.  The lower pole on this side is fuller than your right creating mild asymmetry.  I would also agree that in view of your upcoming plans, you should wait till after having a family to address this issue as things may change.  Good luck and congratulations.

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Timing for Further Breast Surgery?

Thank you for the question and picture.

 The breast asymmetry that you are referring to is visible in the picture you provide. Considering your upcoming plans, I would agree with you that it would be best to avoid any further breast surgery at this time.  As you know, the breasts may change after pregnancy and/or breast-feeding;  the ideal time to undergo breast surgery ( in order to minimize the need for multiple operations)  would be after completion of pregnancies and once you have achieved a long-term stable weight.

Best wishes during this exciting time.

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Left Breast Appears to Have Bottomed out but Wanting to Start a Family?

Dear MIcaela:

Congratulations on your wedding and upcoming family plans. Absent a leak, I would probably recommend delaying any breast surgery. Is not uncommon for women to seek corrective surgery after pregnancies and nursing, so it makes sense to me to wait until you're done having children.

There is no photo attached so I can't comment on your proposed diagnosis. Although bottoming out may progress, you can usually controlled about progression by wearing a good supportive brassiere.

Thank you for requesting good lock at best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Wait until after having children

While I do see asymmetry, it is difficult to see whether you are bottoming out. You would need to see your surgeon for confirmation. However, if you aren't feeling any pain or experiencing complications, I would suggest you wait until after having children before a revision.

Pregnancy can change a woman's breasts, potentially making them bigger/smaller and saggier. For this reason, you should probably wait until after you have kids before having surgery, even if you'd like to have them placed underneath the muscle. While this can slow the rate of sagging, they may still be affected by the changes pregnancy causes. These changes are not predictable, however, and some women even report liking their post-pregnancy breasts better. But why take the risk?

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