Help! Idon't Want to Take BCP for Acne! Don't Want the Weight Gain! Been on Accutane Thrice. Last Time, Nearly Three Years Ago?

I have been on Accutane thrice. Each time the acne came back. This time it is no different. Acne is back and skin is very oily. I'm keeping major breakouts at bay with Minocycline, but I can't do so forever. My choices are : go on Accutane again or take BCP (like YAZ) or take both together. My biggest fear; bigger than acne, is gaining weight, which is why I'm afraid of BCPs as nearly everyone gains weight. What are my other options? Spiro +YAZ? Just Aldactone? Please help!

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What can I do for my acne

If your acne is this bad, birth control pills are not going to do enough for you. Consult a physician about your specific needs, but that would not be what I would recommend. If you've been on Accutane three times and still have breakouts my assumption would be that you have never taken the proper dosage and never got enough of the medication into your system to combat the acne in the long run.

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