What Can I Do For Hyper-pigmentation Under Eye After TCA Peel?

I got a tca peel under my eyes for some hyper-pigmentation . It was done by a derm. who put too many layers and it ended up causing alot of pih. She has done it before and it helped but this time did it too strong. Is there any way to remove this. I cannot tolerate hydroquinone it turns me bright red and have had a bad experience with lasers which I will not use again. I did get one raised scar also so I dont want to do anything harsh till the area is healed. It has been 4 months since. Help !

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Melaquin and Melapads after hyperpigmentation has developed post laser

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You may have a hydroquinone allergy or sensitization so I would recommend a non-hydroquinone topical lightener such as the Melaquin AM topical cream.  Use this in combination with a melapad per day to reduce the hyperpigmentation. 

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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What to do for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentaion after a peel

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We often use, in our office in Orange County IPL (Photo-facial) and Fraxel Dual to treat post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from peels, lasers and sun damage.  It is very safe for most skin types but any device, including IPL can sometimes cause hyperppigmentation in darker skin types.  There is also an excellent product called Elure which lightens pigmentation in many cases and does not contain hydroquinone.  It is purchased in dermatology and occasionally other types of physician offices and has minimal to no chance of side effects.

Lorrie Klein, MD
Laguna Niguel Dermatologic Surgeon
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