Does It Help Healing to Have Surgery on Open Draining Wounds?

I had a diep flap done due to having mastectomy to both breasts because breast cancer. I have problem that my body rejected soluble staples so now I have a open draining wound. Been doing wet to dry dressings. Now dr wants to do surgery to close wound. I never heard of that. :

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Revisions of breast cancer reconstruction is common

Chpn44: revisions of breast cancer reconstruction is common because these are complex procedures, often involving two surgical teams (Surgical Oncology and Plastic Surgery), long operative times and potentially fragile tissues.  Sounds like the interface between your mastectomy flap and the DIEP flap was repaired, in layers with absorbable sutures, to which you had a reaction.  The regrettable thing is that patients don't come with "user's manuals" specifying which type of sutures to use, so PS typically choose the sutures with which they are most familiar.  Once a suture line opens up, it is appropriate to start dressing changes and schedule an elective "delayed primary closure", in which the margins of the wound are freshened up and the wound repaired again.  It's very standard.  Good luck.

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