I need help I hate my cheeks it's been a month now what can I do to make the swelling go down? (photo)

I got fat injected into my cheeks a month ago my Dr's office said just ice them. I'm so depressed I don't wanna do anything it doesn't look like me I wish I would of not done it. Can some of it be removed? I don't think I should pay for it either cause I didn't ask for it to be over filled this way. I need help!!!!##

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Fat overfill

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I am so sorry that you are unhappy with the result of your fat injections. This is such a useful tool in facial rejuvenation and shaping and has so many useful applications. Having said that, it is an art form, and it is not without complications.

In your case, It is possible that you had a different idea of the outcome you wanted than your surgeon. I would tend to agree in your case that the grafts seem to sit a bit lower than I would like and may make your lower face a bit too full.

Take heart...it is still a bit early to make a complete judgement about your final outcome. It is very common for some practitioners to "overfill" during the initial procedure because they know that 50-70% of the fat that they inject will be reabsorbed. At one month, you are still in this early phase where much of that fat still can go away on its own. You also probably still have some swelling associated with the procedure. Fat injections do tend to create quite a bit of inflammation, so the swelling can be prolonged.

I would recommend that you do your best to wait at least six months before you intervene. If after that period of time, you are still unhappy with the fullness in your face, you can have some of the fat surgically removed. This can be done either through the inside of the mouth, or using small microcanullae  to suction it out. I have a feeling that you will not need to have any of that done. Be patient....this will settle down quite a bit more and has a good chance of looking very nice.

Good luck, and I hope this helped!!

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