Need Help For Minor Under Eye Bags? (photo)

Hello, I would like to get rid of my under eye bags. I don't think I need any surgery and am not interested in that. I would like to know if there are fillers or injections that can be used to eliminate the bags under my eyes. I would also like to know if Botox can be used to slightly raise my eyes, i.e. a brow lift? Thank you.

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Eyelid treatment

Botox can elevate your brows but it is not a substitute for a brow lift.  It is a matter of degree of correction and also the amount of ptosis in the brows.  As for the lower lids, Restylane is a good filler for the lower eyelids and, to stimulate collagen formation in this area, a new technique called Selphyl, which involves injection of your own platelets/plasma can work well as a adjuvant to the filler.

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Bags Away!

Mild lower eyelid fat herniation may be improved (camouflaged) with various types of suitable facial fillers and the brows can be slightly elevated with appropriate injections of Dysport or Botox.  After more than twenty years of experience and professionally teaching these concepts, I feel that the importance of cosmetic and medical judgment is critical to your success.

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