Can This Be Fixed? 12 Months Post Op on my First Breast Augmentation.

I had my first breast augmentation 12 months ago. I paid $12,000 for the surgery. I got 425cc round, smooth, high profile implants, placed under the muscle. As you can see by my photos my results are VERY uneven, and I'm really unhappy with the result - but the real problem starts when I flex my chest muscles. When I flex my chest muscles, it becomes obvious that one implant has dropped down into the pocket, and one hasn't, and my cleavage is so far apart. Can this be fixed with revision??

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Animation deformity after breast augmentation.

Thanks for your question, Mary. Your first photograph (non-flexed muscles, post-op) shows asymmetry to be sure, but without pre-operatiove photographs to compare to, it is impossible to tell if this is reflective of your own anatomy or your surgical result. Most women have natural asymmetries, but most women also are not as aware of them BEFORE surgery as AFTER! Your result is not bad, and hoping for Jello-mold symmetry is both unrealistic and impossible, particularly if you had some degree of asymmetry to start with. Not being harsh, Mary, but pointing something out that often needs to be!

Activation distortion is another issue entirely, and is seen in varying degrees in many if not most submuscular breast implant patients. Proper partial division of inferomedial muscle fibers can hellp to reduce this visible effect, but muscle fibers can heal to the implant capsule, and will distort the appearance of the breast when "pulled" by the muscular contraction. Revision for improvement of activation distortion is rarely helpful, but in some cases can be appropriate. Sectioning the nerve to the pectoralis muscle can also "solve" this issue, but at the loss of function and eventual bulk of the muscle tissue. Recommended only in the most drastic circumstances.

Wide cleavage can be a function of your own anatomy and breast base diameter, or partially due to too-narrow (high-profile) implants. Wider base implants (moderate plus or moderate profile implants of the same or slightly larger size can improve cleavage. However, choosing too-wide base implants for the base of your breasts can also give you an "upside-down Margarita glass" appearance that is also unsatisfactory!

You need more information from qualified, certified, experienced plastic surgeons to discuss your concerns and review the available options. (BTW, breast augmentation costs about $5900 US in our nationally-accredited (AAAASF) on-site surgical facility here in Minneapolis! Hope the exchange rate is favorable!) Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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