Help how do I fix the asymmetry and scaring and dropping of my left breast? (photo)

I have had my boobs done 2 years ago I had a droop and sag in my left breast and my areola was bigger then my right the doctor preformed surgery on my 2 years later its not fixed. Is there some doctor out there that can fix my left breast with out a vertical scar and make them look the same I would go bigger if it would help me ! Please I don't want to keep going under the knife over and over

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Secondary surgery

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Clearly you need a lift on the left side. Whether that can be done properly using just a peri-areolar incision cannot be determined with just the one posted photo. An in person exam is needed. The photo would be more helpful with arms at the sides--someone other than you would need to take it. 

I can't tell from the photo if the size is even on both sides. Larger implants alone will not change the kind of lift that might be needed. 

All the best. 

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You need to be examined in person BUT you will likely need a lift technique to achieve better symmetry.  See a BC PS in your area.

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At this point, the best result would require a lollipop incision (peri-areolar and vertical) and possibly the addition of an implant to lift the breast mound sufficiently and reduce ptosis. I would recommend scheduling a consult with a qualified plastic surgeon to get a better opinion. Good luck!

Help how do I fix the asymmetry and scaring and dropping of my left breast? (photo)

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Simple answer is No you need a full lidding operation. But over the internet very hard to be sure. Seek ONLY IN PERSON examinations..

A breast lift is required to fix your asymmetry

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Based on your photo, the solution to your asymmetry would be a breast lift (mastopexy). After a detailed examination by a plastic surgeon in your area, the best approach for your revision breast lift (circumareolar vs "lollipop") can be determined. Thank you for sharing your photo and concerns. Best wishes.

For more information about Breast Lifts:

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