Help me I feel so ugly! Can I have the scar on my forehead removed? (Photo)

Please can someone please help me i have this scar on my forhead i fell over & it turned into a scab then now am left with this scar its really ruining my life i leave my hair to grow long so i can hide it its ruining my life i have tryed everything & nothing works i also suffer from acne as you can see from the picture on my nose there is loads & loads of blackheads which i cant get rid of please can someone help me PLEASE! I dont no what to do no more!:'( no negative answers or false hope PLZ!

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Scar on Forehead

This scar isn't very noticeable, maybe I am not appreciating it in the photos.  If it truly bothers you that much, you may need to consider botulinum toxin treatment first, and then there are other options such as subcision and filler treatments and/or the additional of fractional laser. Nothing will rid you of the scar completely, but there are many options to make the scar improved or less noticeable.  It will take a combination of treatments, I would avoid any scar revision surgery however.  Please see a cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon with experience in treating scars.  I wish you the best of luck, Dr. Emer.

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