Can Anything Be Done to Help with Enophthalmos, Caused by Orbital Fat Loss? (photo)

Please help me. I'm suffering from severe case of enophthalmos. I had a car accident in 2001, which caused laceration to right side of my face. For the past year I've noticed my right eye sinking. I had a cat scan done Feb 2012 that showed no fractures. This is becoming painful, achy feeling in orbit and eyeball often feels like I have sand on it. Can this sinking and pain be caused from orbital fat loss? What can be done to help this? It's causing depression and ruining my life. Please help!

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Enophthalmos evaluation

You certainly seem to have some hypophthalmos as well as some enophthalmos based on your photographs.  It would be very unusual for this to be such a late sequelae of your car accident.  The dry eye symptoms (scratchy feeling) are concerning as well. I would recommend evaluation by a ophthalmologist first and possibly a ENT/facial plastic surgeon.  You need to have your vision, cornea, tear production, etc checked out by the eye doctor.  

Assuming there was not a missed orbital blowout fracture, you could have a silent sinus syndrome which could be addressed with sinus surgery (if that is the cause).  Further recommendations will have to be based on your history, physical exam and a review of your CT scan.  Bring a copy of your CT scan with your to your doctors appointments.

Good luck and best wishes.

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