What Are My Options For Enophthalmos?

In 2001 I had a car accident, causing trauma to the right side of my face. In 2006 I had to have scar tissue removed from the area. Now that my face is beginning to age it appears I'm losing more orbital fat, and my right eye is 2mm further back than my left. I am only 29, and this appearance is causing much mental stress. I am very eager to get this repaired. Can I have fat injected back to the area, or an implant put in to repair this? If so, what are the risks?

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Enophthalmos Correction

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If you have true enophthalmos, then decreasing orbital volume with a floor implant would be effective. The question is whether 2mms of enophthalmos justifies the surgical effort. But if done through a trans conjunctival approach (presuming you do not already have eyelid scars) then the procedure would not induce any new skin scars. using an implant for the build-up, not fat, would be the preferred method. The risks of such surgery would be persistent undercorrection, overcorrection, implant shifting and potential infection. The aesthetic side of the risks are more likely.

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