Help, I Am 1 Day Post Op and Feel That my Surgeon over Corrected my Nose, Did He? (photo)

I had a very deviated seltum corrected but did not want my length altered. He said the procedure was difficult and now I feel I have a short nose.

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1 day postop Rhinoplasty

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While it's easier said, than need to give this time.  At one day, (one week, even one month) it is impossible to tell if it's too short.  It is not unusual due to the swelling that the tip may look short (over projected).  There is a great deal of swelling making is impossible to make this determination this early.  You are going to have to give it time (12 months plus) to see your final results (both visually and in breathing)  Remember, you chose your doctor based on his/her expertise and experience and it will be important to give your nose the time to heal and in the end, you should have the nose you wanted.  Wishing you the best.

One Day Postop From Rhinoplasty

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One day after your Rhinoplasty, it's time to take a deep breath and listen to the reassurances of your Surgeon.  The appearance of the nose will change over the course of the next several -18 months.  It is not unusual for a nose to appear slightly over-rotated and de-projected  at this time.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon
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