I Dont Like my Smile After Invisalign, What else Can I Try? (photo)

I did a costly invisalign treatment in 2008, was content with the results but i dont love my smile. i have thought about veneers but am worried about too much of the tooth getting shaved down. My two front teeth are pretty big compared to the rest of my teeth, but im more bothered with the shape and size of the two incisors besides my front teeth.

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Disproportionate teeth

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We follow the golden proportions to determine the size of the teeth. The central incisors should be about 21% wider than the lateral incisors. You can google tooth ratios and look for some programs for free to measure your teeth in the photos. You may consider narrowing your central incisors and widening the lateral incisors with veneers. It will look nice to at least length the upper right lateral incisor to match the left one.

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