Tummy tuck and hernia repair Oct 16. Didn't get proper rest after. Hole in Belly? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck and hernia repair oct 16 in the time I was to rest after my operation my mom got sick and ended up in hospital and passed away so let's just say I did not rest now at this point I have a hole in the bottom of my belly where all four peaces of skin meet and also infection in the wound. I went to see a new doctor three hours away where I had my operation and he gave me some yellow cream to put on my belly and told me to use glad rap for a bandage

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Tummy tuck and hernia repair Oct 16. Didn't get proper rest after. Hole in Belly? (photo)

Aggressive local wound care and use of IPL or PRP will help in healing these minor openings. Best to see your surgeon weekly.//

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A small wound at the junctions of transverse and vertical incisions is common above the pubic region. Wounds require a good blood supply to heal. This type of wound has its blood supply divided in both the vertical and horizontal direction. An infection here is rare. Yellow discharge sometimes occurs with these wounds. This is called fibrinous exudate; your body's version of glue. This wound will heal. However, it will take time. Possibly 3 weeks or more due to the compromised blood supply. I would recommend keeping in touch with the physician who performed the surgery. Most physicians who perform this type of surgery have experienced wound healing issues and are comfortable managing them. It's nice to maintain this relationship. When complications occur, your original physician should be committed to helping you during your recovery. Good luck!

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