Help with Chin Augmentation. Is it Possible For Chin Implant to Make My Jawline Like This? (photo)

So I added an attachment of my "drawn" jawline/chin and the one I want below, descriptively my jaw starts to go down tapered and diagonal until the chin where it goes horizontal as opposed to carrying on diagonally to give the straight jaw line, it causes my chin to "jut" out forward and also has a cleft, is it possible to have an implant that increases the vertical/diagonal slope of my chin without adding more horizontal length whilst removing the cleft?

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Help with Chin Augmentation. Is it Possible For Chin Implant to Make My Jawline Like This?

        A chin implant to improve vertical height alone is generally not done but can be done.  There is usually some horizontal increase as well.   Radiesse is a good choice for temporary improvement and can fill in the cleft at the same time.  Clefting can also be corrected with an intraoral incision that can be used to help obliterate the gap with a combination of tissue repositioning and tissue filling. Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Vertical Lengthening Chin Implant

Chin implants that mainly create a vertical lengthening effect can be used but they must be custom made. No current commercially available chin implant provides any vertical lengthening as part of their design. Also a chin implant will not get rid of a chin cleft. The cleft, which is a muscular deformity, must be addressed separately through a variety of techniques usinjg either fat grafts, muscle repari with fat grafts or direct excision. It can be done at the same time as a chin implant.

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