I need help with changing appearance of my 30 year hands which look 80 and of a man not woman. What should I do? (photo)

I want to have my hands rejuvenized I believe. I am 30 year old female with large hands with very large wrinkes on my knuckles and they are very ugly.I do not know what to look for the procedure I need or where to go in my area for it. I am getting married and i am embarrassed about engagement photos and wedding photos to show off the ring and it is embarassing showing people my hands :(

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Aging hand remedies

The look of large veins, a bony appearance and sometime pigmentation of the hands can be an age give away. Many injectable fillers can correct this problem, fat, hyaluronic acid and radiesse all work well. My favorite is Radiesse. If veins are large, they can be injected with sclerosing agents like Asclera and they will shrink. Pigmentation can be treated with lasers like IPL.

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