Help! Is Buccal Fat Removal Appropriate for Me?

I am 25 and have really chubby cheeks and even diet and weight loss did done nothing to help them reduce. Is buccal fat removal okay for me? I did my research and apparently in my mid 30's I might be looking for fillers since my fat will thin out,i honestly don't mind that but I must say chubbiness is in my family, my dad is 70+ and stil has his chubby cheeks. I really don't want that. Any other option for me or do I still go ahead which the buccal fat removal?

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Help! Is Buccal Fat Removal Appropriate for Me?

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Dear Aa1992,

Thank you for your question.  To give you specific advise, we would need to see photos.  The first thing to check is if you are at your ideal weight.  If you are over-weight, then your face will naturally sculpt as you lose weight and you may not need the procedure. If you are already at your ideal weight, then you may just have a genetic predisposition to retain fat in your face.  Whether or not buccal fat removal will improve this depends on how much buccal fat you have.  The buccal fat pad is a discreet compartment of fat.  In some people, the compartment can be large, in some small.  This can be assessed on physical exam.

Best Wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

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