Is This Bruising or a Hematoma?

At around 2 days po these dark bruises appeared on my right breast. I was concerned and decided to go in to see my ps to calm my mind on day 4 po. He told me that he thought it was just bruising and not to worry. i cant figure out where to upload pictures. what i'd like to know is how can a doctor look on day 4 at my dark bruises (about 1" in diameter) and know that they are not hematomas?

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Hematoma or bruise

Hematomas are usually quite painful and tender.  The breast is significantly larger, as well.  Usually, clinical examination can tell the difference - but if there is doubt, a breast ultrasound can help make the diagnosis.

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Is This Bruising or a Hematoma?

Your surgeon has probably seen his share of each and has developed clinical judgement to distinguish between the two based upon history and examination. If there were photos posted, those of us who answer these questions might be able to give additional reassurance. 

Best wishes.

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