Developed a Large Hematoma Over Whole Breast After Breast Surgery, How Long for This to Heal?

I had breast surgery 3 wks ago for mass removal (2 masses). I developed a large hematoma over whole breast. It has improved but the area to the right of the areola, next to the incision line still has a hematoma. What treatment/tests should i be getting? How long to heal this? Am I at risk for complication? so far my doc is just watching it- told me this is rare and has never seen this before. do i get 2nd opinion?

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If you stil have hematoma in your breast, you may need to have it drained.  A physical exam is helpful.  studies such as an ultrasound may be heppful and give more information.

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get a second opinion.

 May need a sonogram to determine the size of the hematoma and whether it needs to be drained.

Samir Shureih, MD
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