Help! Need Advice on Post Op Care. I'm Afraid my Breast is Infected and I Will Lose my Nipples? (photo)

Full anchor mastopexy/augmention 350 cc 10 days ago. Tissue of areola was blackish w/ 1 blister underneath at my 7 day post op visit. Doc was concerned w/ oxygenation (not a smoker). Steristrips removed & placed a fine mesh like covering and said I could put neosporin on top & he covered it w/ gauze. 3 days time & see him tomorrow. I feel like Ive been poor directions. Ive changed the gauze, cleaned but kept mesh on. Looks worse. Should I be changing this mesh too? Oral antibiotics done today.

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Help! Need Advice on Post Op Care. I'm Afraid my Breast is Infected and I Will Lose my Nipples

Thank you for your question and photo. Sorry you are experiencing a complication of your surgery. If ypu are a smoker, please discontinue.  Follow all of your Plastic Surgeons recommendations.  Healing will takes several weeks. Best wishes. 

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Post op ischemia to skin

I am sorry to see that you are having wound problems after your surgery. The gauze obviously conceals the nipples and areolas. What is clear is some skin loss just below the areola. For specific dressing care, I have to yield to your surgeon's advice, who will have the benefit of an in person exam. 

Usually areas of skin loss such as illustrated here will heal without the need for further surgery, and often with no compromise of final outcome. Other times a minor scar revision may be indicated some months down the line. Do  follow closely with your surgeon Best wishes. 

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Complications after Breast Augmentation/Lifting Surgery?

Sorry to see/hear about the complication you are experiencing. Unfortunately,  these types of complications do occur and are related to blood flow to the tissues that have been rearranged.  Also, unfortunately it is clear that you will lose some skin of the right breast although the nipple/areola blood flow seems to be okay (based on the photograph).  The blood flow to the left nipple/areola complex is also compromised.  The degree of blood flow compromise to the tissues is difficult to ascertain online.

 At this point, your plastic surgeon will be your best resource to get you through this complication.  It will be important for you to do your best to remain calm and patient through this process which may take several weeks and even months to resolve.  Very close follow up with your plastic surgeon will be very important.

 Best wishes.

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