32 C Cup Slightly Droop and Sag What is the Solution?

i am a 32 c but not happy with my breast size or shape,one is slightly lower than the other and sags with a slight droop? is breast aug the right choice? ive been to a few (3) surgeons and 2 suggested a lift, the last one mentioned a slight lift not full,so i wont need the lolli incision,. I found a american board certified surgeon in bev hills and have an appt next month on the 26 for my b a , but im worried my breast are not fixable:( im very indescive at times and second guess myself all time

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Without pictures or an exam it’s hard to give you adequate advice. What it sounds like you want is perkier and fuller breasts. If you what to stay the same cup size, just fuller and lifted our practice would recommend a Breast augmentation with a modest implants and a lift. You didn’t mention what size you’re looking to be. 225 cc equal about one cup size, giving you an idea on what size you’re looking at.


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