My Face is Burnt with Tca80. Since 4 Months a Go, it Was my Doctors Fault. He Used PDL,RF,FPG laser. What Must I Do Now? (photo)

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Treatment for Facial Burn

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   The burn character should improve over the course of a year.  Conservative treatment is always less risky.  Some resurfacing techniques can help with the pigmentation and may be worth considering.

TCA burn

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To correct this skin burn, rquires a long term treatment, Starting with preparing the skin, possible chemical peels, and possible Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing, may need fractional and abelative carbon dioxide laser resurfacing.

This may need a year worth  of treatment. Commit to one surgeon and follow the plan through and most probably you will get a good result.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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