Is It Normal To Have Difficulties Sitting Up 2 Days Post-Op Lipo to Abdomen and Flanks?

Is this normal or is it possible something went wrong. The surgery was for lower abdomen and flanks, it feels like my core is useless now.

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Recovery after liposuction

It is very normal to have decreased range of motion in your midsection the second day after liposuction of your abdomen. The swelling will resolve over the course of the next few days and your pain will also decrease significantly. Follow up with your plastic surgeon for more detailed post operative instructions.

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You will definitely be sore.

Liposuction of the flank and abdomen area ends ups bruising muscles under the skin.  Most of your pain is probably related to this.  If you have a compression garment, I would recommend using it.  Make sure you drink alot of fluids and take your pain medication like your surgeon ordered.  if you are too nervous to wait for normal recovery, then see your surgeon ASAP.

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Liposuction recovery

Mobility and discomfort after a procedure like liposuction on the areas you describe can vary quite a bit from patient to patient. It is common to have patients walk and feel sore for a week in most cases. The more times the cannula is passed to remove the fat, the more likely there will be a little more pain.

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Liposuction soreness

Everyone has a different healing pattern. I would expect soreness two days after surgery but you should be able to sit up. You should see significant reduction in swelling within several days. If your symptoms persist, absolutely consult your surgeon.

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Difficulty sitting up a few days after liposuction

You can have a combination of swelling and muscle soreness/stiffness that can result in the symptoms that you described. These should resolve very soon. Make sure that you follow the massaging instructions that your surgeon recommended.

Steven Turkeltaub, MD
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