Hello, Are Silicone Temporal Implants or Other Facial Silicone Implants Supposed to Be Sterilized Before Surgery?

And if so what method of sterilization do they use for silicone facial(temporal) implants? thanks very much.

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All facial implants are sterilized and placed in a sterile manner.

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This is a great question.  All implants are supposed to be sterilized before surgery.  One of the complications from silicone implants in the face is an infection.  This is best prevented by placing a sterile implant in the body in a sterile operating field.  All facial implants that I use are sterilized from the manufacturer and are received at my place of surgery in that condition.  During the procedure, there are many steps the doctor will take to ensure the implant remains sterile before it is placed in the body.  (How it is opened, where it is placed before implantation, etc)  I will take an additional step and re-sterilize the implant by soaking it in iodine or antibiotic solution before placement.  I hope this helps answer your question.    

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