Sore mouth and Jaw and no mark on guard for attachment.

I am on my 13th set and I noticed that on my front teeth where my attachments are that on the guard there isn't a mark for it to clip into. So I have 3 attachments but only 2 marks on the guard. I checked 14 & 15 and they are the same. Is this normal. Also after I started on this new guard, my back left jaw is so sore I can hardly open my mouth. I'm in so much pain. Is this because the guard could be scratching inside my mouth or is this normal

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Attachment removal

Depending on the way your teeth movements are desiged by your doctor, some attachments may have been designed to be removed at certain stages. If you only see two indentations on the tray but have 3 attachments, one of the attachments may have been designed to be removed before progressing to the 13th tray. If you are in a lot of discomfort, return to the previous tray and contact your doctor to address your concerns.

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