Best Height & Weight Range for Successful Fat Grafting to Butt & Breasts?

Hi doctors! I have decided to get SmartLipo on my abs, flanks, upper & lower back. I'm getting fat grafted to my breasts & butt. I'm aware of how the grafting works, how much you can insert, and that not all takes.. The part I'm weary of is the SmartLipo. My fear is loose/extra skin or looking unnatural. I'd like to know the most successful height & weight range (BMI) for this. I'm 21 5"5' & 170 pounds. GOAL: perfect hourglass figure. I have the right bone structure, just require maintenance ;)

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Smart lipo and fat grafting

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Smart lipo for fat transfer does not sound good for you for two reasons.

  • Fat grafting needs to be done with healthy, live cells.  Smart lipo is a laser liposuction.  This will hurt the fat cells during the removal process.  You cannot graft injured fat cells- they will not live.  When fat doesn't survive, not only can it disappear, it can also form calcifications, a big issue in the breast (microcalcifications is what they look for on mammogram for cancers).
  • You worry about your skin tone in your note.  You are 21, which usually means good skin tone.  I do not know you or your history, prior weights, skin tone, etc, but any laser or ultrasonic liposuction when removing the fat can tighten the skin a little bit. 

I would strongly recommend you get a second opinion.  Fat removed for transfer should be done with low pressure, centrifuged, and injected with microinjection techniques to maximize survival.  BRAVA has been shown to help with survival.  Also BRAVA is needed to stretch the skin envelope in my young patients to create a space to graft into.  Please get another opinion, and make sure it is a board certified plastic surgeon who could perform surgeries like tummy tucks or thigh lifts if your tone is truly an issue.

Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon

No laser lipo for loose skin and fat transfer!

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While laser-assisted lipo such as smart lipo can tighten skin a very little bit, it is more likely to cause contour problems related to scaring in the fat layer when the skin is significantly loose. These can be very difficult to correct later. More importantly, the laser will kill the fat cells so they won't be useful for fat transfer. I would also be wary of fat transfer to the breasts in more than small amounts.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Smartlipo would never be my first choice

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Hi there-

I agree with your concerns... Smartlipo (or any laser based treatment) is more likely to leave you with contour deformities, and much more likely to compromise the viability of the fat cells being grafted- increasing the risks that those goals aren't met either...

Visit with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for another opinion.

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