Heels Causing Swollen Tummy?

My tummy swells up for a couple of days after wearing high heels,I'am now 7 months post tummy tuck,is this normal?

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Swelling after Tummy Tuck

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It is unlikely it is your high heels causing swelling in the tummy area after a tummy tuck.  More often, since the lymphatic system is disturbed from the procedure, it could be from increased activity causing swelling temporarily in the tissue.  This eventually stops, but can persist for some time.  I have had some patients tell me that after eating certain foods or a large meal, they feel very bloated and that it seems the tummy is "swollen"....this improves by the next day or so.  Perhaps when you are wearing heels you are on your feet for a an extended period of time or have eaten something that makes you bloated?  Foot wear in and of themselves would not be a cause for swelling in the abdomen.

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