Heavy Nasolabial Lines

I am a 40 year old very lean male with heavy nasolabial lines.Just last year I tried juvaderm and later radiesse which both plumped up the skin a bit. However from a distance they have always been very very visible. Not a big imprtovement at all.Is there anything else that might do the trick? Not looking for perfection but a moderate improvement. Thanks

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Treating nasolabial folds while balancing the entire face

Many patients think of nasolabial folds as simply lost volume in the nasolabial area, and that filling this volume will solve their problems.

This view is often incorrect.

As the face ages, or just congenitally in some patients, the cheeks deflate and the skin sags.  There is also a sagging of the deeper tissues.  The nasolabial area has fixed points, so the sagging "folds" over this point.

Treating the nasolabial folds by simply augmenting them usually helps, to a degree.

If overaugmentation of the nasolabial folds is attempted, too much volume results in the lower part of the face, giving a characteristic "done" appearance.  While treating the nasolabial folds effectively, it introduces a dysharmony to the face as a whole!

In such a case, many patients benefit either from a facelift with volume elevation, or cheek augmentation (in our practice we like hyaluronic acids or autologous fat-fascial grafts, LiveFill), in addition to nasolabial fold augmentation.

It appears from your post that you are interested in a more limited solution, which is fine, but your surgeon should not exceed the limitations of the technique.

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Nasolabial fold treatment

The nasolabial folds usually get  more pronounced as a person ages. This can be attributed to the descent of soft tissues from the mid face and then the subsequent descent of skin over the attached region which makes up the nasolabial folds.  Augmentation of the cheeks or face lifting technqiues may help this as well.

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