Heavy eyelids/Drooping/Botox?

I got 30 units of Botox 3 weeks ago. My eyelids are not drooping (I have had that before). However, they look a little heavy and tired and not the refreshed look with the brow lift I wanted. Can I get a little more Botox right under the eyebrow to lift the brow?

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Heavy eyelids/Drooping/Botox?

Applying a few more units the brow will help create a lift that you’re wanting, its best you consult your provider

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Heavy eyelids after Botox

It is possible to raise the brows a bit by placing Botox just under the eyebrows, so from your description, it sounds entirely reasonable to try that. Typically, with more time, the heavy eyelid issue should resolve by itself as well.

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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