How Often Should Heavy Coffee Drinkers Have Their Teeth Whitened?

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Teeth Whitening and Coffee Stains

First of all, there is no exact answer that covers all individuals who are heavy coffee drinkers and want to keep their teeth white.  How often you whiten depends on  the individuals oral health care at home, the type of whitening system your dentist uses, how much coffee you drink and how white you want your teeth! My suggestion to you is, make an appointment with your dentist when you smile and are unhappy with the stains or color you see. Have your dentist  polish the stains out as much as possible and then I would suggest you whiten them once every three or four months.

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How Often Should Heavy Coffee Drinkers Have Their Teeth Whitened?

All whitening products are different , whether is provided by a dental professional or over the counter. For our coffee drinkers we recommend not to have a cup right after the whitening treatment. If you love coffee like some of our patients do, they simply do a little bit more of homework at home with their home whitening kit, they also come in periodic for touch ups. At our office we provide the In-office system that give you great results with just one visit. Sometimes we recommend that patients use these treatments in combination so that they can get both immediate results and better results overall.Whether your teeth are discolored from age or staining food and drink, teeth whitening can improve the color of your smile to give you a more vibrant and youthful appearance. Do as much as you need to, and stop whenever you are happy!!!

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Coffee and bleaching

I find the bigger problem with coffee drinking and staining occurs when a patient doesn't clean his/her teeth well at home, and the build-up on teeth (called plaque or calculus) or grooves on the surface of less-than-smooth teeth are the places stain shows.

In our office, we use Kor Whitening system in-office and/or take-home, and the follow-up treatment is using the product one night per month to keep the color bright.  Also, heavy coffee drinkers should have teeth cleaned by the dentist every three months to make sure no stain can accumulate.

The last consideration for heavy coffee drinkers is...PLEASE watch sugar in the coffee! Either put in some milk or cream and leave out the sugar, or switch to a small amount of sugar substitute.  Otherwise, you can be bathing your teeth in sugar all day, with devastating consequences.

Coffee and bleaching

This depends on the porosity of the teeth, the amount of acid erosion that is present and the volume of coffee consumed. It has been shown that peroxides can soften the enamel of the teeth but the hardness returns if flouride products are used to reharden the enamel. So can someone over do it with bleaching every day? Yes they can and the enamel can become somewhat transparent if done over a long period of time. It the color is a huge concern for you then maybe other restorative options like bonding or veneers may be needed to give you the color you desire

Whiten Every 6 months

Get a good cleaning done every 6 months and then use your bleaching trays for touch ups using whitening gel overnite. Every couple years you can do the full blown Zoom whitening for a stunning smile.

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How often can you whiten your teeth

It depends on many things

  • Tooth structure( porosity,  enamel consistency)
  • How much exposure to coffee or other stains( how much is too much, 2 cups a day, or 6?)
  • Teeth sensitivity
  • Preparation ( do you supplement with fluoride to strengthen the teeth?)
  • What product and system is used

So , if this is something you have to be concerned with too many time, then  may be you need to look into veneers. they do not stain.


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Teeth Whitening for heavy coffee drinkers

The amount of coffee consuption is usually not the only factor that contributes to stain. Together with poor hygiene it really can be a heavy contributing factor. The intensity of teeth whitening usually depends on the original teeth shade, desirable teeth shade, quelities of enamel and degree of home oral care. If you had major teeth whitening and continue heavy coffee drinking, you should be extremely careful with home oral hygiene and probably use the bleaching trays at least once a week to prevent stain deposits into bleached enamel. 

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