Heavy Cellulite and Poor Lymphatic Drainage 1 Year After Liposuction. What Can I Do?

I am a model and I received Lipossucion Jan 2011 for Breast Enhancement.I noticed a loss of tonus after.It has degenerated over time and I am now with a huge problem of cellulite all over my legs,thighs,belly and I have a hard lump over the inguinal lymph nodes.Echography there shows a Subcutaneous Infiltration.Pubic area is heavily swollen for the last 2 1/2 months.I was told that lipo causes scar tissues subcutaneously therefore causing water retention.What can I do to repair this damage asap?

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You should consult with a plastic surgeon

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Sorry to hear of your plight.  Skin irregularities can of course be present before surgery, but liposuction can also cause worsening especially with loss of the support of the subcutaneous tissue volume.   This is one of the most difficult problems to correct after liposuction.  Sometimes a careful revision procedure with grafting of fat to areas of contour deficiency can help, but the results may be limited.

The most definitive procedure involves an excisional procedure to remove loose, inelastic skin and allow for some skin tightening.   With the abdomen this would involve an abdominoplasty ("tummy tuck") and for the legs, a thigh lift. 

You should consult with a plastic surgeon or several, to find out your options.  Good luck.

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