Can a Heavy Botox Forehead Be Fixed?

I had botox injected in upper forehead and upper glabella. I had asked for an overall lift. This had had the opposite effect- heavy forehead, lowered brows. Can this be fixed with strategically placed botox? Thanks!

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Heaviness after Botox

If Botox is carefully injected, it can release tension in muscles and create a lifting effect. However in your case, more Botox could have the opposite effect and cause more heaviness and drooping. I recommend going back to your original doctor to see what he/she suggests. The good thing to remember is that since Botox is not permanent, the effects with gradually fade within about 6 weeks. I hope this helps!

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Can a Heavy Botox Forehead Be Fixed?

Im very sorry to her about your experience, your best option is to wait till the Botox has completely worn off, typically it could last 3-4 months

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Botox Correction

The best person to respond to this question is the physician who injected your Botox. Good physicians are always available to assist their patients before and after an injection or a procedure. Contact your physician and make an appointment to discuss your concern. Best wishes!

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Best Treatment for Heavy Forehead After Botox Injections

Hi Clare,  At this point your best option is to allow the Botox in your forehead to wear off, and then try again with an expert physician injector.  If you trust your injecting physician then let them know what happened and make sure that everything is done to raise your brows.  There is an art to Botox injections, the treatment should be costumized for each individual patient.  Once again, it is very important to choose your injecting physician most carefully.  Good luck and be well.   Dr. Persky, Encino, CA

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Ounce of prevention vs pound of cure...Botox in the forehead

It is hard to know without photographs. Sometimes Botox placed around the outside the eyes can help a heavy brow by relaxing the muscles which pull the brow downwards.  If you didn't have your glabella treated (the vertical lines in between the eye brows) this may also help raise the brows a little bit.

If those things don't help, then take heart that at least the Botox will wear off with time and things will return to normal.  

For patients with a heavy brow to start with, Botox needs to be used judiciously in the forehead to prevent this problem.  Your injector may have used too strong of a dose or not recognized the signs which warn that Botox in the forehead might cause this problem.  By relaxing the forehead muscles (which we use to raise the brows up), Botox can highlight a problem with naturally low or sagging brows and/or a heavy upper eyelid.  In these scenarios a cosmetic procedure like an upper lid blepharoplasty (eyelid rejuvenation), brow lift or brow-pexy is needed.   An Ultherapy treatment to the lateral brow is another way to get a lateral brow lift.

Speak with your injector about the situation and consider a consultation with a facial plastic surgeon to see if one of the above procedures may help rejuvenate your eyes and forehead.

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Can a heavy Botox forehead be fixed

Sometimes it can be fixed with strategically placed Botox, and sometimes not. Do you have pre and post photos you could put up for us to look at? When people come to me with forehead or brow issues from Botox, I sometimes use a radio frequency device like Venus Freeze or STRefirme, or PanG, to help restrengthen the muscles in this area. But if you can post photos we can help guide you better.

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