Heavy Bleeding After Septorhinoplasty?

One week after my septorhinoplasty blood started dripping down my throat, I was transported to the ER, i lost so much blood and vomited out 1 liter of blood containing clots and lumps of blood, i was instructed by the Dr. at the er to tilt my head down and pinch my nose super hard to stop the bleeding. I then saw my my ENT, he packed my nose with dissolvable gauze. Will this affect the final shape of my nose? Could it change the shape of the tip? What caused the bleeding?

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Bleeding after septorhinoplasty

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It is difficult to answer your questions without knowing specifically what was done.  If there was packing placed, was it placed in both sides or one? The amount of  packing that was put in, the type of packing that was placed, and the location where it was placed can all effect rhinoplasty results one week after surgery.  The cause of the bleeding will possibly, but not necessarily be known by your surgeon.  Sometimes bleeding occurs for no particular reason.  Good luck.

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Distortion of the nose after control of bleeding after rhinoplasty

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I'm glad your bleeding was controlled! A liter of blood loss is pretty significant for any type of surgery. Depending on the type of surgery performed on your nose, there could be a risk of distortion of the nose due to the intranasal packing used to control your bleeding. Bleeding in your case could be from any number of sources inside the nose. These questions would be best answered by your Plastic Surgeon, who knows exactly what he or she did to your nose. Best wishes.

Gregory Park, MD
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