Will I Look Heavier or More Balanced?

I am a 40 year old mother of three and I am considering getting implants. I am almost 5"8" and 155 pounds and slightly pear shaped. My weight does tend fluctuate, but I exercise regularly and I'm fit. I am a 34B and just want to be a full C. I am wondering if a Full C will make noticeable difference in my clothing and/or if I will just look fat in the years ahead if I do lose weight?

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B cup to a C cup - Will the Implant Make Me Look Fat?

   In general, weight loss will certainly help in the width appearance.  A small implant will get you from a B to a C up and should not make you appear wider.  The larger implants can have this effect, but this tends to happen at about 450 cc or greater and depends a great deal on chest wall width and anatomy.

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Implant size

Advising you on implant size is difficult without photos.  But there is a fine line between implants that are large enough and those which are too large and can make you look heavy.  When women chose an implant over 400 cc's, in my opinion, they start getting into a size that makes them look heavy.

Ronald J. Edelson, MD
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Best implant selection for accomplishing personal goals

From your description it would seem that your choices are appropriate.  An experienced plastic surgeon will help you determine the most appropriate implant to accomplish your goals.  If you have a dramatic change in your weight then your proportions and your goals may change.   If you are planning to lose 30 or more pounds then it would be best if you lost at least half of this weight before considering any body contouring procedure.  

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Will implants make you look heavier?

Only you know the answer. If you fill your bra with tissues and then look in the mirror, is that balanced or overweight? Going from a B to C is a matter of personal preference and it should be noticeable in clothing. If you lose weight, know that your breast tissue will decrease in volume which raises the issue of whether you might need a lift down the road.

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Will I Look Heavier or More Balanced?

Yes, going from a B to a C cup will be noticeable but not dramatic. If you stay in the C cup range it seems as if it should simply make the proportions of your body more balanced. When women get too busty it does make them look heavier as they age, but I doubt you will have any problem like that with a C cup. I think it would be a good choice for you.

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Will breast implants make you look heavier

Certainly if you have a very full augmentation and a full cleavage, as you age your breast can give a matronly mature look. We guess that the 'C' will be OK. So will your breast implants make you look fat? Heaven help the man who says so.

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Without and exam or picture it’s very hard to be more accurate. In our practice we tell our patients that 200-225 cc equal to about one cup size. If you are a B cup already and you want to be a C cup. The range you want to look in is 320-360 cc. Whether you will look proportion, has a lot to do with how your body is and what you like to see. Without a picture we cannot give you better advice. Good luck.


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How will I look after Breast Augmentation?

Choosing your implant size is the essential component of planning a successful breast augmentation. There are a couple of techniques to help you visualize if the augmentaiton will make you look more balanced of not. Traditionally, surgeons used implant sizers that patients can try on under their clothing. Over the past several years, we have used 3D simulators to give an even more precise estimation. Please discuss these options with your surgeon. Good luck

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Small Implant Unlikely To Make You Appear Heavier

A small implant which takes you up only to a C cup from a B cup is not likely to make you appear heavier.  In fact, the opposite may well be the case as it will probably provide greater contrast from your abdominal area.

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To Augment Breasts or Not?

Thank you for the question.

As you can imagine, it is not possible to give you precise advice online. My best suggestion is to meet with board-certified plastic surgeons and communicate your goals clearly. In my practice, I prefer the use of goal pictures to help with this communication process. Be careful about using cup sizes as a reference;  as you know, cup sizes will vary from one bra manufacturer to another.

 You may find it helpful to use temporary implants/sizers under your bra to get an idea of how you feel about the  increase breast size in clothing and whether the increase breast size helps with proportionality or makes you feel/look “heavier”.

 Best wishes.


Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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