I'm Heavier Now then Before I Had Smartlipo 1 Week Ago. Is This Normal?

I am worried that i am gaining weight again even after spending 5000 on smartlipo 7 days ago. I want to jump back on the treadmill and start working out again. What should i do? i am not pigging out in fact I'm cutting out almost everything but salad &water. Ive been drinking water like I've been lost in the desert. But for some reason day by day i see the scale go up and up. Should i just start working out again now? It is the 7day mark? i usually were like a sweatsuit should i wear that also?

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There is a lot of fluid injected during smart lipo and not all of can be retrieved during the procedure. However .it is good that you are srimulated to get back to exercise This happens often. Keep going

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Weight Gain After Smartlipo

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It is never a good idea to weigh yourself after a liposuction procedure until three weeks or more after surgery. You will weight more than before surgery due to fluid retention. It takes weeks before this fluid is expelled and your weight reflects what actually was removed. Don't weigh yourself again until six weeks after surgery when your weight will be accurate.

Weight gain after SmartLipo

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it is common to retain fluids in the treated areas after SmartLipo. sometimes it can take upto 4-6 weeks to lose all the fluids and to see the final results

Weight after liposuction

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Very commonly after surgery, the body retains fluid.  Because of the retained fluid and the inactivity, your weight may go up a bit.

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