Can Heat and Massage Reduce Hard Tissue After Smart Lipo?

I had Smart Lipo 3 weeks ago. I developed hardness around my umbilical area. I will like to know if is swelling or scar tissue? I was told by my doctor to do massage and heat to help softened the tissue for a better healing? Is this hardening of the tissue will go away after few months? I was told that I don't have seroma so is just the hard tissue. I was also told to do ultrasound Txs to break this hard tissue. Please advice!

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Hardness after liposuction can be helped by ultrasound

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When the surgeon evaluates the hardness that can occur from healing after liposuction, and OKs the use of external massage, such as Endermologie or Velashape, there can be improvement. Also warm compresses can help too, but not too hot and again it must be approved by your surgeon. Rarely is this permanent, and often goes away on its own.

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