Have You Ever Heard of Someone Having the Seeds Come out of the Face After Sculptra? (photo)

I had a. Mini facelift in 2009. ABout eight months later I was having problems with breaking out only in the areas the sculptra was injected. It's not like the lumps people talk about. It was a raised pimple with no puss. You could not squeeze it out so I gently pulled the white thing with tweezers. It appeared to be hair but as it came out there was a seed like thing on the end. They won't stop coming! Please help me with any info! He chemical peel too. On prednisone for RA 4 years prior surger

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Complications from Sculptra

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I don't think that these "seeds" (and I'm not sure what exactly it is that you're referring to) are related to the Sculptra. From the photo, it seems like there's more going on than anything related to the injection or product. This looks to be a problem that requires much more than conjecture on RealSelf. I would recommend seeing a physician immediately. 

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New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Seeds coming out of face after Sculptra

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I honestly do not have a good explanation for your problem, but I have never seen or heard of anything similar to what you describe after someone has been treated with Sculptra.  When Scuptra is injected, it is placed into the deeper layers beneath the skin, so it should not cause the problem that you have on the skin surface.  I have also never seen anything close to what you describe as a "hair with a seed at the end" in connection with a Sculptra treatment.  I'm assuming that you are seeing a doctor already for your problem, but if not, I certainly would recommend a consultation with a dermatologist.


Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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