Is it True that Lifestyle Lift is Currently Under Investigation?

I have heard that Lifestyle Lift is currently under investigation by the Florida Attorney General, Michigan Attorney General, and California Attorney General. Is that true?

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Lifestyle lift under investigation

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This is true ..ABC news said that there is an investigation underway for various claims and complaints against  Lifestyle lift. Many controversial successful organizations are investigated . You can google this and learn the present facts for yourself and exercise your opinion.

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Lot's of Controversy re: LifeStyle lift

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Although I cannot answer specifically if LifeStyle lift has been under investigation - much information can be  found online. For example Wikipedia has a lot to say about this subject. Please be aware that although Wikipedia is usually accurate it may also not be so check out more than one source. 

What I would say however is that it is the most important factor in the outcome is not the name of the procedure but rather the skill and experience of the surgeon. Always check out his/her before and after photos and ask to see long term results and most of all that he is trained and a  Board Certified Plastic Surgeon  or Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience over many years in  face lifting.  Check your surgeon out with some online research. The best way to find one is to start with a  Board Certified Plastic Surgeon  or Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience over many years. .For example you can use the "find a doctor" section on the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

Lifestyle Lift Investigation Question Florida

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The Office of the Florida Attorney General is reviewing Lifestyle Lift  infomercials, print materials, website, web postings, and patient testimonials to make certain that LSL advertising is in compliance with fair trade practices. The company is working
cooperatively with the Attorney General’s staff, and they are confident that the marketing meets the highest standards in advertising. The materials have been reviewed by the National Advertising Division of the Better Business Bureau and
the Florida Board of Medicine, and they have implemented every recommendation from these oversight organizations.The website, infomercials and all print materials clearly disclose that models are paid and may have had procedures in addition to the Lifestyle Lift. They also disclose that, because every patient is unique, the surgical experience, recoveryand results will vary. Lifestyle Lift is confident that the advertising goes above and beyond transparency and disclosure.In addition, Lifestyle Lift has created a Code of internet Conduct and Assurance, which guarantees that any website with the logo contains authentic and reliable information.

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