I Hear 90% of Procedures Fail in Their Attempt for the Best Facial Effect Since Most Do Not Affect the Underlying Muscles. True?

What non-surgical procedures properly reposition facial muscles without the need for scapel use? Does a medium ablative facial peel get to the muscle level? There appear to be 50+ methods available to doctors to choose from.

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Facials and muscles

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Few facials will affect the muscles, as they aren't deep enough to penetrate any muscles. A true "facial" includes only a topical application of a variety of products. There are galvanic facials, where a device is placed on the skin that stimulates muscle movement. This energy makes the muscle move and helps to lift and tighten. A medium ablative facial means that a topical solution is being applied and ablating (i.e., removing a "medium" amount of skin). This has nothing to do with muscles. It removes skin layers only.

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