What Are the Health Risks That Zerona May Pose BEFORE Pregnancy?

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Zeronal and Health Risks Before Pregnancy

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Hi Oz,

The only health risk that Zerona may pose before pregnancy is that you will need to explain to your future child why you were convinced to have a treatment that is scientifically proven to not be able to do what it claims to do.  Laser experts agree that the 635 nm laser used in Zerona is unable to penetrate through the skin to accomplish the changes on fat cells that are shown.  The only other "health" risk is not knowing exactly what is in the required dietary supplement "Curva" that is necessary to see the claimed results.  Watch out for those red light lasers in the grocery store that read bar codes, as they are the same "cold" laser wavelength used in Zerona.

Good luck with your upcoming pregnancy and hopefully your future offspring won't question your mental "health" if they are told that you underwent Zerona treatments.  Be well.

Dr. P

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