Possible To Get Health Insurance Coverage for Accutane?

I am 22 yrs old, full time student, low income, and my current health insurance (Oregon health plan) doesn't cover it. Any suggestions? Please help I've been troubled with acne since the 4th grade and I want to do something about it! I've been under doxycycline and benzacline for 3 years now and it hasn't helped me . I've done my research on Accutane and I'm want to start taking the medication. I just need help paying it off! I can't pay it out of my own pocket, I sure dont have the money for it

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Accutane is extremely expensive out of pocket

I'm sorry for your situation. Years ago, Accutane was a much cheaper medication. But unfortunately many things happened with healthcare and the FDA got involved and the Federal government now regulations the distribution of Accutane through a national program called iPledge. This caused many manufacturers to stop making the drug due to distribution and regulatory problems, and it caused many physicians to stop writing it. Unfortunately, no national programs exist to cover the cost of Accutane, and those who don't have insurance plans that cover it have to pay out of pocket, which can be upwards of $500/month. I agree that is absurd, but since it's under strict regulatory guidelines there is no way around it.

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