Will Health Insurance Cover Fixing Previous Rhinoplasty if It is Crooked and I Cant Breathe? (photo)

My daughter had a nose job last June. She is have difficulty breathing and it is crooked. Will our health insurance cover fixing it? We did not go through any insurance the first time.

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Insurance and nose surgery

It depends what the surgeon intends to do, It does not hurt to ask, but I am skeptical because these days insurances are very carefull and investigate the issues well. They do not cover complications of cosmetic procedures but cover complications of driving under the influence or doing other illegal activities. Go figure!.

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Insurance Coverage


It all depends on what kind of insurance plan you have and what the surgeon tells the insurance company. Some insurances are more difficult to work with than others. If she has a real functional issue, then insurance should cover a 2nd procedure.



Oleh Slupchynskyj, MD, FACS
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Functional rhinoplasty

Typically the functional aspects (to correct breathing) will be covered by insurance, though to a variable degree based on insurance carrier and the procedure codes being billed by the provider.  Collapse of your daughter's nasal valve on the left is contributing to her "crooked" appearance.  Since the nasal valve collapse is contributing to her breathing problems, most insurances will cover the repair.  As a secondary benefit of internal nasal valve repair, the appearance of her nose will also improve.  

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Health insurance and cosmetic surgery

Everyone's health insurance policy is different, however, in general, most health insurance plans do not cover any complications resulting from a cosmetic procedure. You have to read the fine print of your individual plan. However, there are very reasonable priced cosmetic insurance plans that can be purchased prior to your cosmetic procedure that cover complications resulting from the cosmetic procedure. Your plastic surgeon can give you information on these plans that are sold by a separate company. You can also ask your plastic surgeon if you are at increased risk of having a complication and thus worth the extra expense of obtaining the policy.
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You can certainly try. I can only tell you that my experience as a practitioner and as a person reviewing my own personal health insurance policy specifically states that any surgery or medical treatment done to correct a problem that is a result of cosmetic surgery is not covered regardless of the problem. Good luck.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
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Rhinoplasty revision and insurance

Insurance companies often will not cover airway problems. On occasion they will, but if it is secondary to cosmetic surgery, they probably will not. You will have to check on your own.  Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Insurance should cover treatment of nasal blockage even if you had prior surgery

If proper tests and evaluations are done on you, insurance could cover treatment for nasal obstruction. It may be a devaited septum but in a crooked nose can also be what is called nasal valve collapse.
Unfortunately, insurance almost never covers straightening a crooked nose. That may take many more surgical manuvers than just getting you to breathe better.

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Will Health Insurance Cover Fixing Previous Rhinoplasty if It is Crooked and I Cant Breathe?

It depends upon a few factors. Like type of health insurance, if your policy covers complications following cosmetic surgery <now many health insurance companies are eliminating coverage for complications following cosmetic surgery>, will a surgery correct the issue that are functional but not cosmetic. Best is to have your doc write a predetermination letter to the insurance company outlining the issues and fees. 

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Insurance covers revision rhinoplasty to correct airway problems.

Insurance covers revision rhinoplasty to correct airway problems. How much it will pay depends on how good the insurance is.

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