Should I Get Health Insurance?

What would health insurance cover when dealing with a brazil butt lift? Should I spend the extra money to get it or just continue saving for my meds and any other expenses?

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Insurance coverage for BBL

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Dear Slushpuppy,

Fortunately insurance does not cover cosmetic procedures.  Keep saving towards your goal.  Good luck.

Tyler Plastic Surgeon

Health Insurance Does NOT pay for Cosmetic Surgery, including Buttock Augmentation

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Health Insurance is a contract between your employer (or you) and an insurance company to (reluctantly) partially pay (after co-pays and deductibles) for specific life saving medical care as long as you keep paying your premiums. No insurance company I am aware of pays for surgery intended to solely improve appearance and many are reluctant to pay for many other needed care.

Transferring fat to enhance your rear is as cosmetic as it gets and it will not be paid by any insurance company.

I would get health insurance just in case you come to need it. You may be injured or come down with an illness and it would be prudent to have coverage for that situation.

Dr. Peter A Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Health Insurance does not cover Cosmetic Surgery / Brazilian Butt lift

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Insurance does not cover Brazilian Butt Lift
Health Insurance  does not pay for cosmetic procedures and this includes Brazilian Butt Lifts.
The short answer is that no Health Insurance Policy or Medicare will pay for cosmetic procedures - this includes a butt lift, augmentation, etc. They will only cover medically necessary conditions, not simply to approve ones appearance. For the record, although your description indicates you have pain from your appearance there is no medical basis for this and some other reason is responsible.

Here is the long answer about what insurance dose cover.  It used to be that just about all "lumps and bumps" were covered by insurance as it was considered reconstructive rather than cosmetic surgery.  The defiintion of this distinction is pretty straight forward - Reconstructive surgery means improvement of a condition that goes from abnormal towards the normal, whereas "Cosmetic" refers to improvement of a normal condition. Unfortunately, this does make a lot of difference to many insurance companies today. Instead they are more interested in correction of functional problems. That is something that interferes with your vision, irritates the eye, causes recurrent infection or dry eyes, or is a cancer (malignancy),etc.

Brazilian butt lift and insurance

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 insurance companies will not cover cosmetic surgery procedures including Brazilian butt lift.

Wendell Perry, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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No butt lifts from insurance

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No medical insurance would or should cover a medically unnecessary procedure like a butt lift.  We have enough problems in the US with health care without thinking that somebody owes you coverage for cosmetic procedures.

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