What Are the Health Implications of Breast Implants

If the casing of the implant is essentially plastic, is their dioxin in the material that holds the saline implant? Is this plastic causing unforeseen health problems. Have their been scientific research based tests on the long term effects of breast implants. I worry that the longer I have implants the more at risk I put myself for health problems.

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Silicone is not a plastic: We are exposed to silicone throughout our environment

Silicone is used extensively in the medical and cosmetics fields. We are exposed through thte use of baby formula, antiperspirants and even hypodermic needles. Plastics are petroleum derived products unlike silicone.

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Implant safety

There has been a lot of research over the past 20 or more years looking at the safety of breast implants, especially since they were removed from the market by the FDA in the early 1990's for just that concern.  There are no associated health risks with the implants.

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Health risks after breast implants

There are no documented health risks associated with breast implants. This has been studied extensively. I would not worry about this. Certainly other reasons could drive reoperation such as ruptures, or capsular contractures (scar tissue).

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Safety of Breast Implants

There have been many studies performed demonstrating the relative safety of breast implants.  If this were not the case, the FDA would not have allowed implants to return to the market as they have.  The envelope of the implant is constructed of silicone rather than plastic.

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