Health Benefits of Abdominoplasty Other Than Cosmetic Reasons?

If I have a large pannis and severe diastasis recti. Is there a health benefit to having abdominoplasty and plication other than for cosmetic reasons?

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Health benefits of a tummy tuck

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Typically a tummy tuck is done for cosmetic purposes to reshape the abdomen to look slimmer and more youthful. However, if you have significant looseness of the abdominal muscles and a large panniculus, you may have some health benefits from the surgery. Usually any back pain related to the weight of the panniculus is improved. Also, if there are any persistent skin rashes or fungal infections, removing of the excess skin will help resolve those issues. Those not usually the primary reasons for having a tummy tuck, however. You have to assess your own specific situation by having a comprehensive consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Health benefits of abdominoplasty

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Hi Smallernow,

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Depending on your particular medical insurance policy, they may or may not partially pay (in insurance lingo "cover") for a PANNICULECTOMY - the removal of the lower abdominal overhang without repair of muscle separation nor repositioning of the umbilicus. This would help correct recurrent rashes under the overhang and the remove the sheer hanging weight.

No insurance company that I know of will knowingly and willingly pay for an abdominoplasty which is a much more extensive operation but whose other benefits are mostly cosmetic in nature.

Good Luck.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Abdominolpasty May Have Some Health Benefits

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If you have irritation, rashes, and skin infections from skin-on-skin contact, then removal of that skin may give you some relief. 

Also, some patients with a large amount of excess skin may have lower back pain. Removal of a heavy apron of abdominal skin may help those individuals.

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