Does It Takes 6 Months to Heal from Smart Lipo?

Is it true it takes six months to fully heal from Smart Lipo? I'm getting nervous now because one leg looks great and the other seems to be swollen in one area. I feel it looks terrible.

Should I call my doctor or be patient? I had it done in early Feb and its now the end of May.

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You need to let your Dr. know

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Although this is not unheard of it may be something that needs attention. And it does take 6 months to heal abot 90% from smart lipo. Most of the healing and changes occur in the first 3 months but it take a full year before all is said and done.

I read your comments regarding the smart lipo and was not sure you were aware of your doctor's qualifications. She is not a plastic surgeon. I hope that you were made aware of that before hand.

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