Healing/scarring After Necrotic Tissue Removal from Tummy Tuck?

I have recently had a failed abdominoplasty with necrotic tissue continually being removed. I have a Vac dressing and am wondering how it will pull a 24 cm by 7 cm (widest section) closed?

I have had the Vac for nearly 3 weeks and have dressing changes three times a week. It doesnt seem to be shrinking in size however the depth is decresing slowly overtime. How long can I expect to have this and will my scar be essentially that wide?

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Abdominoplasty healing, delayed healing, wounds with tummy tucks

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this is an unfortunate complication that has happened to the most trained and skilled plastic surgeons.

the wound vac is a great option but can take as long as three months.  once the healing begins it will change fairly rapidly in the next several weeks.  the wound will heal remarkable well but may not leave a perfect scar.

this scar can later be removed in many cases to get a better cosmetic improvement

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