Healing After Midface Lift

I had a subperiosteal midface lift 3 weeks ago and have questions about the healing process. When eating hard food, speaking a lot or laughing I am worried that this could be negative on the result and somehow loosen the lifted tissues or the sutures. When can I savely assume that my facial movements will not interfere with the healing process/result anymore? When and how will tissues "settle", what happens in this process? I have a dent where there is a suture knot (doc said so), will this fade?

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Healing after Midface Lift

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Listen to your body. The tightness you're experiencing is secondary to the normal post-op swelling. You will not do any harm because the elevated soft tissues are fixed with sutures or devices such as Endotine. The dent will release as the healing process continues. If not, your surgeon can easily release the suture. Be patient !

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