Healing Period and Effects of Removing Epicanthal Fold?

i have natural double eyelids. however, i would like to remove my epicanthal fold to make my eyes bigger. can anybody have their epicanthal fold removed or do they need to have a certain criteria? also, will i look weird if i removed it? also, what are the effects? will there be scarring? because i have seen some of the celebrities and they dont seem to have any scars. lastly, how long does it take to heal? 2 weeks? a month? or more?

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Yes there will be scars

An epicanthoplasty needs to be considered very carefully before deciding on surgery.

The scars of a 'double eyelid' surgery are well hidden in the crease created. However, the scars of an epicanthoplasty will not be hidden well, and the procedure can lead to less than natural results.

I am not a big proponent of cosmetic epicanthoplasties for this reason.

The scars can take months to soften and mature.

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Yes- it is possible

Epicanthal folds can be totally removed or decreased surgically  that can provide wider horizontal fissure (opening) of the eyes resulting in an attractive appearance. The incisions, however have to be placed meticulously and fine sutures need to be used in order to minimize formation of any scars. Oculoplastic surgeon who have extensive experience in repairing telecanthus may be able to do the procedure after carefully examining the patient.

Imtiaz A. Chaudhry, MD, PhD, FACS
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