Is This Healing Normal After Areola Reduction?

i had an areola reduction a three weeks ago and im not sure if my nipple is healing like it's supposed to. there are some visible holes that dont seem to close up and white/clear discharge comes out when I press it.

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Wound Healing After Areolar Reduction

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Depending upon how your surgeon closed your areolar reduction, this may be normal wound healing or the early sign of an impending problem.  I recommend you call your personal plastic surgeon and pose the question to him or her. 

The little areas that are not healing often mean dissolvable sutures which failed to dissolve are holding the wound open.  This can be corrected by using certain types of topical antibiotic.  But once again, only your surgeon after an in person exam should be the one to make that call. 

Healing after areola reduction

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It looks as though you are healing as expected...occasionally, some dissolvable sutures may cause a temporary and minor discharge along the areola border...these are often self limited, but if you have any redness or a foul smelling discharge, you should see your surgeon.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

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